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'm allen martin. i'm allen martin. california's unemployment re ha the >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. >>> i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm allen martin. california's unemployment rate has not been this good since the recession began four years ago. but are the numbers truly indicative of a rebounded? there are a lot of factors that go into the single-digit jobless rate. cbs 5 reporter grace lee with why it may be too quick to say we have finally turned the corner. >> reporter: juliette, our state still has the third worst unemployment rate in the nation. we're well above the national rate. so we spoke with a former director of the state's labor department who says that the unemployment rate is really just one piece of the overall economic picture and it may look better than it actually is. >> i think the rate it's important but it means less and less of indicating what's going on out there in terms of jobs. >> reporter: michael would know since he used to run the state's employment development agency. california's unemployment rate dropped to 9.8% in november from 10.1%
. flooding, power outages, downed trees. and the worst is yet to come. good evening. i'm allen martin. ken bastida has the night off. >> and i'm dana king. let's get right to it with chief meteorologist paul deanno, who is tracking storm no. 3 on cbs 5 hi-def doppler. >> we have storm no. 3, not here yet. it will be about 24 more hours before the meat of that storm moves in. the hi-def doppler looking a lot dryer tonight. this time last night, we had all that pouring rain. that said, it's not dry everywhere. along alexander valley road, we're looking at some light to moderate showers there. cloverdale, we're wet. but we are dry from san francisco all the way up to san mateo. further south to mountain view and cupertino. this break continues. we'll see scattered showers on and off. but there's more heavy rainfall before we're finished. because of that next round of rain, storm no. 3, the flash flood watch for the north bay and the mountains continues. the flood watch for the russian river continues. rainfall totals from earlier today, morgan hill, palo alto, two-plus inches of rain. three i
for the christmas procrastinators. the slim picking that has some going home empty handed, i'm allen martin. >> i'm elizabeth cook. not a way anyone would want to spend christmas eve. tonight a bay area neighborhood is nervously watching a fast moving creek that is threatening a christmas day flood. cbs 5 reporter is in east pal alto where people spent the evening sandbagging around their homes. >> reporter: that's right. and right behind me is the levy where crews are hard at work, reeling in the truckloads of sandbags, gearing up for more rain tomorrow. while most people spend christmas eve stacking presents under the tree. some east pal alto residence spent their night sandbagging. in preparation of more rain. >> and we are just packing up the sand. >> reporter: sunday monday, they spilled over the levy, cutting the neighborhood between daphne way. >> and we were swarmed with so much water last night. you had to run out. >> reporter: they are several evacuees. >> how is this affecting your christmas? horrible. just horrible. and they sets back. >> reporter: he could not do any last-minute shop
'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm allen martin. it all started when vallejo police were called to the backyard of a warren avenue home. there they found the body of a man who had been dead quite a while. christin ayers tells us police say they uncovered a plot to cash in on that. >> reporter: deputies telling us the suspects in this case not only hid the death of a man but they robbed him blind for years afterwards. people in this vallejo neighborhood first noticed it coming from the backyard of this home on warren avenue. >> my sister had walked over there and got about to where the red car is. and she's like, wow, i mean, she could smell it from that far off. >> reporter: a smell to gruesome it could only have been one thing. the badly decompromised body of a person. romar, a drifter, had been dead for two years. authorities say his son, 22- year-old joseph romer, never told a soul. instead, he allegedly hid the body in a large box and stashed it here in a backyard. >> i can't believe somebody would even think about doing that. >> reporter: even worse, authorities say joseph romar and his gi
. good evening. i'm allen martin. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. tonight, we're learning a man and boy have died after being pulled from the frigid bay waters. the coast guard started searching in the marin headlands late this afternoon. >> reporter: very sad story. after the two were pulled from the water, they were brought here to fort baker, but it was too late. the beach is known for it's beautiful views of the city and it's treacherous surf. this stretch of coastline is where a man and child were swept to sea and drowned. they were found floating under the golden gate bridge. late this afternoon, around 4:00, a third person, who was also taken out by the waves, was able to get out of the surf and call 911. >> rescue units shortly arrived within 25 minutes and recovered two bodies, one male adult and one child. >> reporter: the water, a chilly 53 degrees. there was a high surf advisory today. he says the beach is popular for fishing and picnicking. it's also dangerous. when the victims went in, it was getting dark. >> we do have 14 lifeguards, seasonal lifeguards on staff, for just thes
. the fear about a christmas day flood. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm allen martin. not the night anyone would want, let alone on christmas eve. tonight, a bay area neighborhood is nervously watching a fast-moving creek that's threatening to ruin their christmas. cbs 5 reporter elisa is in east palo alto where people spent the evening sandbagging their homes. >> reporter: i'm standing in front of some of those homes that had to be evacuated last night. but just yards away is that levy with crews hard at work, coming up with a temporary fix before tomorrow's rain. while most people spent christmas eve stacking presents under the tree, palo alto residents spent their night stacking sandbags, protecting their homes near a damaged levy, in preparation for more rain. sunday night, the creek spilled over the levy, flooding the neighborhood. >> we were swarmed with so much water last night that we had to run out. >> reporter: lucas brown was one of several evacuated. >> how is this affecting your christmas? >> terribly. horrible. >> reporter: he said he spent the night with his eight kid
evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm allen martin. new at 11, an antioch police officer arrives home to find he's become the victim of a crime. three burglars caught in the act of stealing his guns. cbs 5 reporter christin ayers on what happened next. >> reporter: antioch police say burglaries in this area have become so widespread and so brazen that even cops have become targets. >> folks are the victims of burglars. >> reporter: most recently last night. three burglars were ransacking a police officer's home, when the officer came home. >> interrupted the burglary and three subjects fled out the back of the home. >> reporter: making off with two of the officer's guns. the offer chased them but was forced to stop when one of the suspects pulled aut the officer's stolen gun and fired a warning shot. this is not the first time this has happened. police say it does not appear that the officer in yesterday's burglary was targeted. >> at this point, it appears to be completely random. like many cities in the bay area, residential burglaries are on the rise and have been for quite a while
realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. >>> good evening, i'm dana king. >> i'm allen martin. the bay area gets a wallop from a super soaker drenching everyone from the north bay to the santa cruz mountains. there was flooding just about everywhere. this is the raley's parking lot in pleasanton which accumulated up to a half foot of water because of clogged drains. >> a tree fell on a mercedes on pine street in the lower pacific heights neighborhood in safe san francisco no injuries. >> a tree landed in a van in the berkeley hill. two people were in the van. the windows were blown out the roof bent. the two people in the van weren't hurt. >>> fast water flows are causing worries on the santa cruz river in santa cruz county. clean-up crews had their hands full clearing downed trees from roads and restoring power. >> we have reporters covering the storm all over the bay area. let's begin with chief meteorologist paul deanno with a look at our hi-def doppler. >> hi-def doppler is paining an excellent picture right now because we need a break and hi- def doppler is showing that break. rig
donald. >>> good evening. i'm allen martin. >> i'm dana king. it was a close vote with billions on the line. >> the election is over but the battle over a sales tax measure in alameda county is taking a new turn. after losing by a narrow margin, a county agency is asking for an expensive recounty. cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman says taxpayers are being asked to pay for it. >> reporter: transportation officials in alameda county really wanted this megabillion ballot measure. it was so close. but they didn't get it. so they are now spending more money to see if they can still get it and as you say that angers a lot of taxpayers. tick, tick, tick. >> yes. yes, yes. >> reporter: someone likened it to watching paint dry. >> yes, yes. >> reporter: most alameda county voters voted for measure b-1, 66.53% of them. but it needed two-thirds majority, 66.67%. the backers of the half cent sales tax that would fix potholes boost bus service and bring bart to livermore decided to buy a recount. >> we have been working on developing this transportation expenditure plan for 2.5 years through a highly public
@captioncolorado.com >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald >>> good evening, i allen martin. >> i'm dana king. we are following breaking news out of east bay. a full takeover of the oakland police department by the federal government has been avoided. late this afternoon, we learned of a last-minute deal struck to prevent it. cbs 5 reporter phil matier has just left the briefing by the mayor and police chief. phil. >> reporter: the oakland police department apparently has avoided the bullet of a takeover by a federal judge who has been upset with the slow progress the department has made in its officers conduct case. this is a case that dates back about 10 years starting with the riders who were accused of planting evidence and roughing up residents in west oakland. there were supposed to be reforms but they never happened and that led to the threatened takeover of the department by an outside monitor, the federal court. what's reached is an agreement for a compliant officer to come in, instead. basically, what this person is going to do is oversee such key functions in the investigations into ex
comments@captioncolorado.com >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. >>> good evening, i'm allen martin. >> i'm dana king. a made in america is the latest interest apple. they are about to spend millions to begin making computers in the united states again. cbs 5 reporter len ramirez on how the company's trying to tap into a hot new consumer tren. len. >> it's a growing trend in the u.s. apple back in the day when it still had rainbow colors on it, and it was known as apple computers, it manufactured its computers here in the bay area in fremont. over the decades that's changed. but now it appears that it's coming back although not in a big way. apple fans love their iphones but ever look at the fine print? assembled in china. all apple products are made in china but that's about to change. >> on to the macintosh. >> reporter: ceo tim cook announced today that starting next year one line of macintosh computers will be designed and built in the u.s. cnet says with one like of macs and not the more popular iphone or ipad apple isn't taking a big risk but is making a statement. >> t
't doing anything about it. watch what allen martin found when he went to check out the school. >> reporter: the school sign proclaims in bold letters, be safe, responsible, respectful. but cooper elementary school in vallejo is anything but, according to these two fifth graders. >> they punch us in the stomach. they slap us. >> reporter: samantha and autumn say they're constantly bullied in school by two brothers. samantha's parents say they knew there was a problem. >> my daughter coming home crying, telling me she was being called names, tramp, whore, slut. >> reporter: but the bullying got much worse. >> he said, i know where you live. i was like, how? i looked at his hand and could see a pocket knife. >> reporter: basically it got to the point where a child pulled a knife. >> a child pulled a nice on our daughter. >> reporter: samantha was too scared to tell her parents but says she did report the incident to her principal. >> there's a lot of things happened that we don't even know about it, and they're not privileged to it, because they say it's confidential. >> reporter: patricia sa
allen martin. >> i am dana king. the contentious issue of marriage equality reaches the highest court in the country. supreme court agrees to take on california's ban of same sex marriage along with the federal defensive marriage act that denies some benefits to legally married same sex couples. do gays have the same constitutional rights as hetero sexuals to get married. cbs 5's juliette goodrich speaks to the couple at the head of this issue. >> she texted me omg granted. then she called me and we just started crying. we were on the phone for a few minutes. we couldn't talk. >> chris perry and sandy steer are cautiously optimistic they will get the legal recognition, benefits and protection of marriage. they say it's been a long time waiting. >> in real life it doesn't feel fast at all. we've been really patient and waited a long time to hear when the final leg of this race would be and now we know. >> just as hetero sexual marriages were taking place at city hall, city attorney dennis herrera and activist held a news conference nearby on a case that's now in the hands of the suprem
. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. >>> good evening, i'm allen martin. >> i'm elizabeth cook. >>> breaking news out of the portland area tonight. three people killed as a gunman opens fire in a mall in clackamas, oregon. police confirmed the shooter is also dead. one other person is injured and rushed to an area hospital. here's a live look at the activity outside the mall. nearly 100 officers are sweeping clackamas town center looking for possible other victims of the shooting. witnesses describe chaos near the food court when the shots rang out people running, others ducking into stores or hiding behind trash cans. one shopper says the shooter a man was dressed in black wearing a white halloween mask. one person describes what she saw. >> i heard something similar to a .22 popping probably 8 times. people dropping everywhere, people screaming, then people just turned and started running in terror. people were dropping. it was chaos. >> there's several employees and patrons of the mallhave secured themselves or hidden in various rooms and carefully one at a time we're a
'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm allen martin. san jose long billed itself as the safest big city in america. as 2012 draws to a close with a string of high-profile crimes, many residents now have doubts about their safety. and now a problem that threatens to complicate matters. an exodus at the san jose plymouth. as cbs 5 reporter len ramirez explains, they can't train officers fast enough to replace the ones they are losing at the san jose police department. len. >> reporter: that's right. the san jose police officers association says that 90 officers have handed in their resignations so far this year and that includes the chief of police chris moore who will be stepping down in january. not only are they having trouble to hang on to the officers they have, it's having a problem attracting new ones. san jose police recruits are told, don't walk, run to classes while at the academy. but it's the department itself that can't move fast enough to replace all the officers walking away from the s j.p. d. >> we're losing officers at a fashioner rate than we can replace them. >> reporter: the academy super
evening, i'm allen martin. >> i'm elizabeth cook. >>> fire guts a south bay business and the column of smoke could be seen for miles. now smoldering walls are all that's left of a precision parts maker just north of warm springs. the fire consumed cnh enterprises on boggs terrace between warm springs boulevard and i68. mark sayre is live in fremont where fire crews had to pull back for safety reasons. >> reporter: fire crews remain here on the scene and we have seen some hot spots popping up here within the last hour. take a look. you can see the remnants of the smoke on the roof four hours after the original report. the fires calls came in around 2 p.m. callers from all over the south bay saw the mass up plumes of black smoke. this is cnh enterprises a precision manufacturing fabricating and welding company. because this building uses chemicals in its work, fire authorities issued a "shelter in place" order for nearby businesses and homes due to the potential danger from the smoke. that order has since been lifted. that of course is good news. employees of the company say about 90
'm allen martin. >> i'm elizabeth cook. newtown, connecticut has begun its heartbreaking goodbyes to the sandy hook shooting victims. the first funerals for the 26 victims were held today. two 6-year-old boys, jack pinto and noah pozner were laid to rest. outside noah's service, well- wishers placed two teddy bears white flowers and a single red rose at the base of a maple tree. at jack's, hymns rang out from the inside. also today, trucks began moving supplies to another school in a nearby town. that is where the children who survived will eventually resume classes. randall pinkston joins us live from newtown, connecticut. >> reporter: this is a day of overwhelming sadness mind numbs grief in newtown, the first of two of the funerals for the children who were killed in friday's massacre. massacre. children hugged each other at the funeral of 6-year-old jack pinto, adults sobbed openly. family and friends also gathered to say good-bye to noah posner. the youngest victim of the shooting spree at sandy hook elementary school. his twin sister also went to the school and was in a near
in for allen martin. >> i'm elizabeth cook. five days after the tragedy in newtown, connecticut a call to action from president obama. he is demanding immediate and specific strategies to keep all americans safe from gun violence. and cbs 5's grace lee tells us he is promising that this time washington will do more than just talk about it. >> reporter: during the election the president was repeatedly criticized for being all talk and no action. for now, he seems to be taking a very strong stance. he is not just calling for gun control. he wants a well-rounded solution and wants the answers soon. he wants them by january. >> we may never know all the reasons why this tragedy happened. we do know that every day since, more americans have died of gun violence. >> reporter: five days after the sandy hook shooting in newtown, president obama says our country needs more than gun control. we need a solution to stop the violence. that's why he's creating a new interagency task force led by vice president biden. >> this is not some washington commission. this is not something where folks are go
donald >>> good evening, i'm allen martin. >> i'm juliette goodrich. they say money talks, and some newly minted lawmakers headed to sacramento may be proof. >> they are getting plum assignments and leadership posts with little experience and no seniority. cbs 5 reporter grace lee explains it may be payback for fundraising. grace. >> reporter: that's right, allen. we're not talking about a few isolated cases. according to california common cause an independent watchdog agency, 91% of the freshmen who raise five or six figures with their party got choice assignments. they say it's a dangerous precedent and bad policy for all of us. >> first it includes members of my cabinet. >> reporter: the president is unbefore the best campaign fundraisers to date breaking records by raising more than $1 billion to get re-elected. california's capital, raising a lot of campaign cash can land you in a plum position even if you don't have a lot of experience. phillip ung with california common cause believes it could be a policy problem. >> this isn't your high school presidency committee. this is the legislatur
evening, i'm allen martin. >> i'm elizabeth cook. looking forward to ringing in the new year? well, baby new year may end up going over the "fiscal cliff" with the rest of us. >> we are a few days away from the deadline. we have heard a lot about this over the last few weeks but cbs 5 reporter grace lee tells us about another downside that has to do with milk. >> reporter: if we can go over the price of milk will go up significantly because a farm bill that's about to expire and the closer we get the more likely that political analysts believe that we will go over the "fiscal cliff." so by next week could you start seeing your grocery store bills skyrocket and your paychecks plummet. the president is inding his hawaii have a -- ending his hawaii vacation early and returning tonight. >> wonderful to see all of you. merry christmas to everybody. >> reporter: congress is also coming back from a winter break tomorrow. and time is ticking down on the "fiscal cliff" clock. >> not likely to make a deal before the 1st. >> reporter: cbs 5 political analyst joe tuman says this is washington politi
night. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald >>> good evening, i'm allen martin. >> i'm elizabeth cook. >>> we begin tonight over the bay. the tiburon fire department has just rescued two people from the water near the golden gate bridge. they are now at the coast guard station and doctors are treating them. about 45 minutes ago, someone onshore called the coast guard saying he saw two people in the water near the north tower and it looked like they were in trouble. cbs 5 meteorologist brian hackney says the water is 53 degrees. that's all we know. we don't know the condition or what happened. we'll bring you any new updates. >>> legendary lawman william bratton has been hired to help oakland deal with what even the mayor now admits is an unacceptable crime problem. events of the last 20 hours or so are proving he has his work cut out for him. three people were killed in two incidents. cbs 5 reporter linda yee asked just what can bratton do for oakland? linda? >> the newestists can bring the number of homicides to 130. that's up from 110 last year. the city is desperat
. >>> that is the cbs evening news tonight. from all of us at cbs news, merry christmas. good night. >>> i am allen martin. >> i am elizabeth cook. this wasn't supposed to be a federal holiday, bit turned into one. cbs 5 reporter grace lee tells us it is not so great for some people trying to get on a plane. >> that's right. many spent thousands for the airline ticket and also made appointments to be at the agency today. but since the president declared this a holiday three days ago, this became a huge deal. >> i am real upset because we could have done -- at this point i don't know what we can do now. just wait. we have been here since 7:30 in the morning. my appointment was at 9:00. >> stranded on christmas eve. it was the same story for dozens who were supposed to renew or pick up passports today. some had pintments scheduled for today, including aiden keith. he is supposed to catch a flight to mexico tomorrow to see his wife and 2-year-old. >> dispinting pinting -- dispinting. >> the passport agency was supposed to be open today, but in a last minute dig on friday the president declared christm
: linda marie macdonald. >>> good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm allen martin. they say the first step is admitting you have a problem. and tonight oakland city leaders have done exactly that. three -- three months ago they acknowledged there is no plan to reduce crime now they admit they need one and recruited a name you might recognize to make it happen. da lin reports on the grim 2012. >> reporter: it's been tough in the city of oakland. they acknowledge crime and they have made two major announcements this afternoon. one is that they will hire los angeles former -- former los angeles police chief bill bratton as a paid consultant and, two of the city of oakland going back to neighborhood policing. they hope those two ideas, those two plans will cut down on crime in oakland. both oakland mayor jean quan and police chief howard jordan say crime in oakland is out of control. 127 homicides so of this year the highest since 2007. 1 -- 127 homicide so far this year the highest since 2007. >> we agree with the community i see that the crime rate is absolutely unacceptable. >> we have
macdonald. >>> good evening, i'm allen martin. >> i'm elizabeth cook. less than two weeks before christmas, the second deadliest school shooting in u.s. history exceeded only by the virginia tech massacre in 2007. >> 27 people including 20 elementary school children are dead in newtown, connecticut where a vigil has just concluded in one of the town's churches. >> by being here you speak he will gently by all your emotions and your physical presence and you are sending a message to all of america and believe me, the hearts and prayers of america are with you tonight. >> remarks from a vigil that just wrapped up a scene of incomprehensible grief tonight. as the senator mentioned this grief shared across the nation. maybe you have been watching "cbs evening news," maybe you spent part of your day following this story. the truth is there are simply mow words and no way to understand it but that's what we're all trying to do. you walk down the street into a coffee shop and you can see it on people's faces. cbs 5 reporter len ramirez has more. >> what prompted this outburst of violenc
's a little known fact about allen martin. >> i was a wrestler. the girls didn't like wrestlers. >> how about at the reunion? >> i was a football star. >> you were like the squirmy one. >> jenny was my high school sweetheart. captions by: caption colorado comments@captioncolorado.com ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, joey fatone: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: thank you very much. all right. just--ha ha! hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey, and, boy, we got a good one for you today. returning for the second day all the way from waltham, massachusetts, it's the hallowell family... [cheering and applause]
leadership. what impact that has on the outcome of the civil war remains to be seen. >> glor: david martin, thank you. in egypt the concession offered late yesterday by president mohamed morsi has failed to satisfy hits opponents. and tonight the regime appears to be preparing for the long haul. allen pizzey is in cairo. >> reporter: in a scene of chaotic as the country's politics, egypt's main opposition group tonight rejected the constitution drawn up by the government, along with a referendum on it scheduled for next weekend. in doing so they also said no to a form of compromise offered by president mohammed morsi who late last night rescinded a decree giving him unlimited powers. morsi immediately issued a new decree that does much of the same thing with the figure of a totally new constitution within six months if the referendum rejects the present draft. the opposition is convicted morsi's muslim brotherhood wants to redraw the face of egypt. but the final goal isn't that clear according to khalid fahmy of the american university of cairo. >> they have an agenda of controlling all th
news all around the world, good night. >>> i allowed allen martin. unusual protest popping up in bay area cities. voter vigils appearing outside lawmaker offices demanding a deal to avert the fiscal cliff. tonight it looks like they are going to be there for awhile. going over the fiscal cliff we will have a ripple effect starting with the state's education budget. phil matier on the threat facing students staid wide. >> if washington doesn't come up with a deal it is not just the federal government that will be going over the fiscal cliff. we were told today that without a deal the states could lose upwards of $7.5 billion. >> we are going to invest in our schools. particularly special
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